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About Jilann

Hi I'm Jilann. I help people strengthen their relationships and become the best versions of themselves by using the tool of the Enneagram. For a long time, I thought that success needed to be something tangible. The amount of clients I had. How many homes I sold. How many businesses I had, etc., etc. But now I know that success to me is seeing lives, relationships, and businesses changed for the better. I have found that the Enneagram is an excellent tool to give tangible ways to make lasting changes. I created Jilenneagram after discovering how impactful the Enneagram can be in understanding yourself and others. As someone who loves to help others, I consider it a privilege to share this amazing tool with you.



Whether you want to discover your Enneagram type or dive deeper into learning about how you can be a better version of yourself, you’ve come to the right place.


As a Christian, I believe that true change only comes through a relationship with Jesus. Throughout my life I have also found that there are many tools that make it clearer and easier. Insert the Enneagram. This tool doesn’t focus only on behaviors, but it helps to reveal the motivation behind WHY you do what you do. Once you understand the why, it is so much easier to get to the change. This tool has been key in my own personal growth and I would love to help you, too!

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Want To Learn More?

Our podcast is a place where we start conversations about the enneagram and team building, to help all of us better understand the people in our lives.

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