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Marriage Coaching

Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and how to maximize one while minimizing the other.

Strength in Numbers


  • A 90-minute presentation to help you recognize each other’s enneagram numbers.

  • Begin to understand not just what both of you do, but WHY each of you do it.

  • Once you understand your enneagram types, you will gain tools that will be invaluable for growth together in your marriage.

Strength in Marriage


  • Six months, 2 sessions per month, that begin a deep dive into the different aspects of the enneagram, your specific types, and will help give you both strategies for true change.

  • Personalized tools specifically for your enneagram numbers.

  • Immediate feedback to help accelerate your growth.

  • Gain an understanding of each of your strengths, weaknesses, and how to maximize one and minimize the other.

  • Learn to work through communication, conflict, and understanding based on your two specific enneagram types.

  • OPTIONAL: Have a customized package, to best meet your specific needs. Six months is the minimum for this particular program. It can be expanded.

Why do I need a coach?

While self-learning is a great way to gather information and gain knowledge, the benefit of a personal coach is discussion and questions that challenge your thinking, give insights, and help both of you to verbalize your own thoughts. A coach will help you both see and better understand the perspective of the other, in a safe, learning-oriented environment. 

Monica S.

Enneagram 6

In 2021 I had the privilege of starting the enneagram journey with Jilann. Jilann’s guidance, knowledge and intuition helped me uncover my core needs

and set me on a path of refreshed personal growth and purpose.

Conan & Rachel

Enneagram 1 & 8

If you want to learn how to cultivate communication better in your marriage, I highly recommend Jilann Carlson and her couples Enneagram coaching sessions. She helped us to understand not only our own individual designs, but how we can communicate better with it in our marriage.


Enneagram 9

Jilann has been an amazing Enneagram coach. Each week I would leave thinking “hmm, none of that sounds like me, I don’t have that happening in my life” but throughout the week I would experience exactly what we had talked about in our coaching session. In my search for “peace” I have put my needs and dreams aside thinking that it is ok because it brings “peace” but now I know that it really does not bring “peace” and Jilann has helped me to see that and encouraged me to test it. There is hope! I can move forward toward the healthy side of my Enneagram type, aligned and living as God’s beloved. I feel more confident in myself and in my relationship with Jesus.

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Get more clarity about yourself and create a thriving work culture within your leadership and teams.

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