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Individual Coaching

Begin to understand not just what you do, but WHY you do it

Strength in Numbers


  • A 60-minute presentation to help you recognize your enneagram number.

  • Begin to understand not just what you do, but WHY you do it.

  • Once you understand your enneagram type, you will gain tools that will be invaluable for personal growth.

Strength in the Individual


  • Three-month program consisting of 2 sessions per month, delving into various aspects of the Enneagram, your specific type, and providing strategies for meaningful change.

  • Personalized tools tailored to your Enneagram number.

  • Immediate feedback to expedite your personal growth.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses, optimizing one while mitigating the other.

  • OPTIONAL: Have a customized program designed to suit your specific requirements, with a minimum duration of three months, extendable as needed.

Why do I need a coach?

While self-learning is a great way to gather information and gain knowledge, the benefit of a personal coach is discussion and questions that challenge your thinking, give insights, and help you to verbalize your own thoughts.


Monica S.

Enneagram 6

In 2021 I had the privilege of starting the enneagram journey with Jilann. Jilann’s guidance, knowledge and intuition helped me uncover my core needs

and set me on a path of refreshed personal growth and purpose.


Enneagram 5

Working with Jilann as she coached me through exploring my type has been helpful in understanding why I’m responding the way I am in current situations and also clarifying the ways I’m growing. She was able to ask the right questions and pick up on patterns I was missing on my own. I was able to meet the goals I had set at the beginning of coaching and am noticing the difference in my work and relationships.

Susan L.

Enneagram 9

Jilann did a wonderful job in helping me discover my type. She helped me as I processed through the comparisons and encouraged me as I was challenged by the material. I appreciated her candor and her insight as we went through the process. I highly recommend going through the enneagram study with her!

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Get more clarity about yourself and create a thriving work culture within your leadership and teams.

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